CABT has extensive experience training mental health professionals and disseminating state of the art treatments for anxiety disorders to organizations. Given our vast experience treating individuals with anxiety disorders, and the common problems that often co-occur with these disorders (e.g. depression, substance misuse, eating disorders), we are uniquely prepared to train professionals interested in learning how to use these evidence-based treatment approaches. CABT staff have been delivering lectures, workshops, supervision, and consultation to mental health professionals around the world and we have a broad base of experiences to help us problem solve most difficulties professionals and organizations have in implementing evidenced based treatment. For example, we have consulted to substance abuse organizations implementing trauma treatment, eating disorders organizations implementing OCD treatment, and community mental health organizations training staff to provide evidence based treatments. We have years of experience supervising and consulting with predoctoral practicum psychology students, psychiatry residents, postdoctoral psychologist fellows, licensed clinical social workers, licensed psychologists, and psychiatrists. CABT is dedicated to the dissemination of evidence based treatments for anxiety so that these treatments can be more effectively utilized by professionals and more people who need them will have access to them.   


Drs. Tsao and Yusko are certified therapists and supervisors for Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD and Prolonged Exposure for PTSD by Dr. Edna Foa  (the developer of these evidenced based treatments). We have developed a range of training methods (e.g. lectures, one day or multiple day workshops) along with a range of consultation services (e.g. weekly reviewing of therapy sessions and consultation, individual or group phone call consultation, monthly consultation). We can fit your training interests and needs to an individualized training program for you or your organization.

The most up-to-date information about CABT workshops can be found on our Workshops page.

For information about our training and evidenced based treatment dissemination programs please contact us at 610-455-5757.